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Fleet Preventive Maintenance

Why be Concerned with Preventive Maintenance?

Preventive maintenance (PM) consists of scheduled servicing, inspections, and vehicle repairs to prevent potential problems and maximize vehicle availability. Preventive maintenance is used to proactively avoid or reduce vehicle breakdowns and is based on time, mileage, engine hours, or gallons of fuel used. Preventive maintenance actions include vehicle inspection, lubrication, adjustment, cleaning, testing, repair, and/or worn parts replacement.

Big Rig Breakdowns takes account of your Trailers/Trucks by collecting Unit numbers VINs, Licence plates, Mileage and last inspection dates. We enter the data into a chart and date them appropriately in our service calendar. When the inspection times and or mileages have almost reached their expiration (a limit set by the customer) an alert is sent to Big Rig Breakdowns reminding us to notify the customer. This process leaves very little to worry about, and therefore eliminates end of the month service blitzes.

To maximize the availability of vehicles, PM services must be performed on a scheduled basis. If preventive maintenance is not performed regularly, vehicle life span will be greatly reduced. Some vehicles may be prone to excessive breakdowns requiring expensive repairs, causing a vehicle to be out of service when least expected and possibly when needed most. Vehicles may become unsafe due to lack of PM. Proper maintenance will also help prevent litigation from negligence.

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